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Pilosocereus Blue Azureus Cactus 8"Tall #45B

Pilosocereus Blue Azureus Cactus 8"Tall #45B

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Blue Azureus Cactus



Its dramatic color is amazing, even more stunning  nestled in the middle of green plants. The blue gets darker as the cactus ages

Columnar tree-like cactus

Bare Root Comes

without the pot

You will receive the plant from the pictures


Suggested pot size  6"-8" Wide


This is an excellent cactus for growing indoors on a windowsill or on your patio. It grows quickly, eventually to 12', but will stay windowsill size for several years depending on your pot size. It needs full sun and almost no water. The brighter the sunlight, the bluer it gets.


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