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Lemaireocereus pruinosus Grey Ghost 4"Tall 2"Wide #5B

Lemaireocereus pruinosus Grey Ghost 4"Tall 2"Wide #5B

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Lemaireocereus ~pruinosus

Gray Ghost Organ Pipe

Bare Root
Comes without pot

2" Wide

You will receive the plant
from the pictures
Description: Stenocereus pruinosus is a large shrubby or tree-like columnar cactus to 4-5(-7) m tall, usually with one or more, definite trunk(s) from which little-branching stems arise from the base for a distinctive V-shape. This plant is certainly native in south-central Mexico, and distinguishable from the related cultivated Stenocereus griseus by fewer ribs, larger flowers, and ovoid fruit. The pruinose colour of young branches distinguishes it from the other arborescent species. This cactus is also known as 'pitayo de Octubre' or 'pitayo de mayo' in Mexico, which indicates its ripens mainly around October and May.
Stems: 8-10(-12) cm in diameter, grey-green to dark green, the new growth often bearing a distinctive white-glaucous bloom near apex.

Flowers: Borne on new growth at the stem tips. Funnel-shaped, modestly sized up to 9 cm long, 7 cm wide and packed with yellow stamens. Upper scales and outer perianth-segments 1 cm long or less, rounded at apex. Inner perianth-segments white or pinkish longer and thinner than the outer ones. Ovary with numerous brown-felted areoles.
Fruit: Ovoid the size of a small apple, 5-8 long, varying from yellow, orange-green to purple, without persistent perianth parts. The outer skin of the fruit is spiny in youth, growing smooth with maturity making them easier to harvest


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