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Aloe~ Tiger Stripe Aloe Hybrid 8" Wide #1Y

Aloe~ Tiger Stripe Aloe Hybrid 8" Wide #1Y

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Tiger Stripe Aloe

You will receive the plant from the pictures

Grows to medium

size clustering aloe


  Bare Root

comes without pot


Star Shaped rosettes

Becomes reddish in full sun

Red tubular flowers from tall spike

Hummingbirds like this type bloom

Hardy to 25F

Protect from Frost

Safely packed and Shipped



Tiger Stripe Aloe – Delicate bright green dappled fleshy leaves curve upwards in an open loose rosette. Leaf margins are finely toothed and rough to the touch. Slender flower stalks rise in multiples to display pendulous creamy salmon colored tubular flowers. Tiger pups easily making it easy to create more plants and share with friends. Perfect for sunny window sills or patios.

These are very healthy Aloes with well established root systems. In a container, your new Tiger Stripe will add rich feel to your porch or patio, in the ground it can reach it’s full potential in just a season or two when planted in a well drained, sandy cactus mix.

Please note: Lower leaves are often trimmed prior to shipping to reduce transpiration and travel stress. The growth rate of Tiger Stripe will vary greatly depending on season, soil type, sunlight, temperature and other factors. Always changing!


Tiger Stripe are very easy to grow drought tollerant Aloes that and seem to grow best when neglected. They add a wonderful accent to any desert garden or patio. In very cold zones a containerized Tiger Stripe can be brought inside for the winter months.  Most will survive a very light frost and quickly return to normal in spring. In the northern end of their grow zone Tiger Stripe Aloes should be brought indoors or protected during the winter months.

When you receive your new Aloe open your box carefully and water if dry. Please take your time when opening. Most foliage damage occurs when the box is ripped open in the excitement of receiving new plants. Many plants, especially succulents, are very fragile and leaves may snap off easily if not handled cautiously.


Aloes grow very well in patio containers, allow enough room for growth generally a 12″ to a 24″ diameter, 10″ deep container will suffice, however the smaller variety Aloes will do well in a small 6″ round pot. Remember the looser the roots, the taller and healthier your Aloe will be. When the Aloe becomes root bound its growth will slow. At that point it is time for a larger pot.


Tiger Stripe enjoy well drained, sandy cactus mix. Remember try to stay away from wet, mucky soils.


To help establish your new Tiger Stripe, fertilize sparingly, biannually with a slow time release 15-5-10. Unfertilized they will tend to grow very slowly. WARNING – The heavy salts in cheaper fertilizers may damage the roots thus killing the Aloe.


Best outdoors if grown in zone 9b-11.. This Aloe requires 85-100% sunlight. Depending on your location full sun is best. The patio zone is 4b-11 which means the potted Aloe will flourish over the summer months in this zone but must be brought inside for the winter months. (avoid frost)



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