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Aloe~ miloittii Uncommon Hybrid 9"Wide #9W

Aloe~ miloittii Uncommon Hybrid 9"Wide #9W

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Aloe~ miloittii Hybrid 9"Wide Bare Root, no pot

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    Aloe millotii – A small sprawling aloe that grows to 6 to 8 inches tall, well branched from the base with decumbent stems to 10 inches long (longer with some support) that hold leaves well spaced along the thin stems and at the tips an open rosette of a few leaves. The pale green white spotted leaves are 2 to 4 inches long, narrow, recurved with a rough textured and flat on the upper surface and rounded to nearly tubular below with leaf margins having small white soft teeth.


When plants are not irrigated the leaves turn an attractive rose to brown color. At various times of the year but primarily in spring appear the 1 inch long green tipped reddish orange flowers on foot long inflorescences. Plant in full to part sun and water occasionally to infrequently. Cold hardy to around 25 °F. Makes and very interesting potted specimen with a tangle of thin wiry stems holding interest.

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