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Aloe congolensis Congo Hybrid 7”T 6"W #3R

Aloe congolensis Congo Hybrid 7”T 6"W #3R

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Aloe~ congolensis 

"Congo Aloe Hybrid" 

Beautiful Coloring

This plant changes color depending
on conditions. It can go from green to orange/red
with intense light. Grow lights or intense sun causes this
change. In the shade it will be green.

Bare Root

Comes without pot

 6" Tall

5" Wide

* You will receive

 the plant from the pictures

This plant will change from green to golden

 brown throughout the year

and according to growing conditions

 Fast Grower


Reaches 4 Ft Wide

Sends out bloom spikes 

1-2 ft tall in mid to late winter


example of potential color

Please Consider Waiting
 Until Spring to Purchase
 if your Temperatures 
Have Dipped Below 25F
Plants may be damaged 
During Shipping

*Some Plants are Hardier than
 Others so Feel Free to Message 
with any Questions
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