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Trichocereus pachanoi San Pedro Cactus 4" Tall #8W

Trichocereus pachanoi San Pedro Cactus 4" Tall #8W

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Trichocereus pachanoi~

 San Pedro Cactus

2 1/4" Tall 


The perfect choice for outdoor landscapes in cold weather climate

 Small scarring is normal and expected but will not affect plant. Discoloration on the bottom of the cactus is normal from being planted in soil.

Robust plant is fast growing, easy to maintain, propagate and grow in your home potted, or in the ground. This variety of trichocereus cactus has very small spines a frost tolerance to the high 20's a high tendency to offset and form branches. It is very easy to propograte and makes an excellent grafting stock for many varities of cactus due to its strong root system and resistance to pests, mold and disease. Mature plants can grow into stands over 10-20 feet tall with a diameter of 5-6 feet wide or more when in the right conditions. 

Bare Root

comes without pot

You will receive the plant from the pictures








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