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Golden Toothed Aloe - Aloe nobilis Succulent 5.5" Wide #101Y

Golden Toothed Aloe - Aloe nobilis Succulent 5.5" Wide #101Y

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Aloe Nobilis 
Bare Root comes without pot
You will receive the plant from the pictures
5.5" Wide
Clustering type plant Full Sun/Part Shade

Names and Synonyms: Aloe nobilis “White Teeth,” Aloe x nobilis, Aloe mitriformis spinosior, Aloe perfoliata
Common Names: White Toothed Aloe, Noble Aloe
Family: Aloeaceae
Origin: South Africa. This aloe is thought to be a cross of Aloe mitriformis and Aloe brevifolia and does not occur naturally.

Cold Tolerance: 20 to 25°F, -6.7 to -3.9°C
Heat Tolerance: Very high
Light Requirement: Full sun to very light shade in hot interior or desert climates
Water needs: Extremely drought tolerant
Maintenance: Remove offsets and spent flower spikes as desired
Uses: Excellent in rock, cactus and succulent gardens. Good for xeriscaping as well and can be used as a dry ground cover. Combine it with winter blooming aloes for a longer show of flowers. Flowers attract hummingbirds, bees and butterflies.
Propagation: Remove and replant offsetting stems. Collect and plant seeds after flowering.
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