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Cholla Cylindropuntia Buckhorn Cactus 9”Tall #09G

Cholla Cylindropuntia Buckhorn Cactus 9”Tall #09G

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 “Buckhorn Cholla"
Rustic and Picturesque

Bare Root
Comes without Pot
You will receive the
 plant from the pictures
A Good East Coast Plant
Snow Hardy
Will grow large in ground
Can be contained in a pot

The Blossoms are Amazing
 on this Rugged Cactus. 
The colorful plant ranges
 from pink, red, orange 
or yellow-green all on the same plant. 
  A Multi -Covered Bouquet  
Native to the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. An evergreen shrub, it is noted for its large, edible fruit and its ability to survive harsh desert conditions. It is an easy-growing, low-maintenance plant suitable for xeriscaping and landscapes.
File:Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa var coloradensis 10.jpg


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