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Aloe arborescens "Torch Aloe" 6 Year Old Living Plant Well Rooted 11"Tall,9"Wide #119W

Aloe arborescens "Torch Aloe" 6 Year Old Living Plant Well Rooted 11"Tall,9"Wide #119W

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 Aloe arborescens~

 "Torch Aloe" 

aka "Krantz"

6 year Old Plant

 Bare Root

Comes without pot

11" Tall, 9" Wide

Fast Grower

Coral-Red Colored

2Ft Tall Blossoms

in the Fall/Winter

Sun or Shade 

Indoor or Outdoors

Aloe arborescens is a sun-loving plant that does best in bright, direct sunlight. Therefore, a south-facing window is a great place for this Aloe to grow. If grown under intense sunlight, the color of the tips of the leaves turns red, adding an additional layer of beauty to the plant.
This aloe requires well-draining soil.  Miracle Grow Potting Soil is available most places and works very well.  This will allow for proper drainage and aeration of the roots.
The Aloe must be watered thoroughly but infrequently, especially in temperate climates. Water your Aloe when the top two inches of soil begin to dry out.
This can be done by watering deeply until the water starts to seep out the drainage holes. However, keep in mind the water needs to drain quickly after a watering session. A wet Aloe is a dead Aloe. No Soggy bottoms
Temperature And Humidity
The Krantz Aloe is native to the arid regions of South Africa. As such, it has adapted well to dry conditions and thrives in them. The Torch Aloe does best when temperatures above 20 F.  I have seen the temps go down to 20 with Frost and they are fine.
While the Torch Aloe does not need a lot of fertilizer, it does need some. Use a slow-release balanced liquid fertilizer once or twice yearly around spring to ensure that your Aloe gets all the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong. Only if grown in pots.
Winter warmth - Aloe arborescens in flower — the good earth
Aloe arborescens - Padre Romano Zago | Earth&Jungle

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